Not All Warranties are Straightforward

A great deal of selling in some sectors of the roofing industry is based upon performance implied by a long-life warranty. Warranties often include levels of failure seen as acceptable over a period of time. If the Homeowner does not understand this, the result is often the manufacturer denying a claim for problems. It should be noted that manufacturers publish warranties that cover materials. You should expect to receive a separate warranty from the company for their workmanship. LES will install your roof and provide you with a matching installation warranty.


With An  LES you will receive two separate warranties.


  1. Material Warranty from the manufacturers.
  2. LES Workmanship Warranty for as long as you own your home. Limited to 5 years on commercial buildings.

Please click on a link below to see the manufacturer’s warranty:

Oxford Shingle

View Warranty

Rustic Shingle

View Warranty

Country Manor Shake

View Warranty

Standing Seam

View Warranty

Imperial Armour Flat Roof

View Warranty

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