Shingle and Shake

Oxford Shingle

Oxford Shingle’s low profile emulates the classic, simple look of architectural shingle, and low profile shingles of the early 1900’s but with long-lasting beauty and efficiency that no other material can match.

Rustic Shingle

Rustic Shingle is an investment-grade metal roofing system that provides beauty, protection and increased value for your home. With Rustic Shingle, you will not need routine maintenance or replacement.

Country Manor Shake

Country Manor Shake offers your home the charming beauty of real wood shakes without the problems traditionally associated with them.

Standing Seam

Centurion Standing Seam

Unlike many Standing Seam products which are scaled for commercial applications, a Centurion Standing Seam roof is scaled for residential use, which makes for a more attractive and beautiful roof for your home.

Clipless Standing Seam

Clipless Standing Seam is the most economical standing seam available. The clipless panel utilizes a screw hem very similar to those used on aluminum and vinyl siding.

Double Locked Hemmed

The Double Locked Hemmed Seam roof, because of its double mechanical seaming, allows Standing Seam to be installed down to a 1/12 pitch which means you can use this on your shallow or nearly-flat roof.

Other Styles

Agricultural Panels

Low-grade steel roofs provide the perfect option for unheated buildings such as barns or carports. Coat them with an inexpensive wood brown, terra red, or forest green paint to give the dull steel an awe-inspiring finish.

Pinnacle Copper

Copper has character and offers a level durability and dependability that no other metal roof can match. Its elegant appearance will complement any style of building. Unlike many other metal roofing materials, copper requires no painting or finishing.

TimberCreek Shake

TimberCreek Shake combines the beauty of a cedar shake with today’s latest advances in roofing technology, so you can withstand the harshest climates and always have a good-looking roof.

Terra Tile

Give your home an Old Spanish look with a Terra Tile roof. The lightweight metal panels with a deep configuration get their name because of the “S” shape they form when interconnected.

Flat Roofs

Reduce your energy consumption up to 90% with Imperial Armour Flat Roofs. These modern miracles reflect heat unlike any other roofing option. Using a reinforced shingle style, you get the shingle look without the problems of wind damage or severe UV rays.

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