We back all our projects with a triple guarantee.

It is our vision at LES to create more awareness of the fact that installing a metal roof is a lifelong investment. We stand by our work and our product, which is why we have the following 3-point guarantee:


  1. 100% Non-Prorated Material Guarantee – by the manufacturer for as long as you own your home, transferable for 40 years.
  1. 100% Non-Prorated Workmanship Guarantee provided by LES Metal Roofing for a period of 5 years.
  1. Value Guarantee – a signed guarantee that you will not be able to find a better value, and if you do, we will refund the difference of your investment – plus $500.00.

LES stands by the following guarantee:

For as long as you hold title to your property and retain ownership, we guarantee our aluminum roof panels and accessories for a period of 5 years to be 100% free of workmanship defects.

We welcome you as a family member to visit our company at any one of our two locations. You will see firsthand the history of our work and satisfied customers, so you can feel comfortable when you move forward with us to install your top-quality metal roof.

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