Here’s how to choose an LES for new home construction?

Thinking of a metal roof for the construction of your new house but perplexed to choose one from all options? We are here to ease your intimidation and assist you to relish on maintenance-free, most appealing and energy-efficient roofing systems for your home.

  • Early Planning Phase –When you have just started the plan for your new home, it is better to add 3 to 4 times the cost of asphalt roofing in your estimation. The initial installation might cost high but will pay off. 
  • Blueprint Phase – When you have reached the final plan of your roofing and decided metal roofing is the right choice, then leave the rest with us.  We calculate the total roof area from a blueprint and offer a free quote to fully understand the cost of the project.
  • Building Phase – We offer precise estimation in this phase. Our sales team reach you in person for measurements and assist you to understand the exact of completing the roofing on your home.

DIY options are also offered which assist you to cut off the cost. Training, video-based support, our professional inspection are offered on DIY option. 

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